Iceland Volcanic Map

In 2013 I traveled to Iceland and became obsessed with its landscape. It inspired this map project, featuring the major geologic processes that shaped the island nation, as well as a few other illustration projects still in progress.


California Wildlife Maps

I moved to California a few years ago and quickly discovered how much Californians love their state. For good reason--it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! Being from southwest Florida, though, where even the most residential areas are crawling with armadillos and gators and giant woodpeckers and salamanders--I've been feeling a bit of critter withdrawal lately. Living right in the middle of San Francisco, my most typical creature encounter is with a pigeon. So I decided to do some investigating to get to know the wildlife of the state I now call home. What an incredible diversity of animals live here! 

I created the "Living California" map for the native and transplant Californians who love their home and the animal friends they share it with, and followed it up with the "Prehistoric California" map for those fascinated with the state's wildlife of yesteryear. Limited edition 13" by 19" prints of the maps are available in the Cuddlefish Press shop. And if you're interested in my illustration process, here's a detailed guest post I wrote for the illustration blog Ten Paces and Draw about illustrating and designing Living California.