More Illustrations

A selection of illustrations for projects in progress, freelance work, unpublished projects, and self-promotion. 

2017 Holiday Card


Diversity, Tolerance, Love

I recently started creating illustrations in response to the increasing sense of division and intolerance that our world grapples with today. I believe in the values of diversity, tolerance, and love. 


Hello, Hello!

Exploring all the ways we greet one another and celebrating friendship in spite of our differences.

I created this illustration for a promo mailer but loved it so much and received so much positive feedback that I've made it available as a print, too! 


We are Family!

Celebrating friendship and our common humanity!

This illustration is also available as a print.



My amazing agent Jennifer Laughran asked me to make a piece of artwork for her new podcast about children's publishing! 

Literaticast launches in August, 2017. It'll feature interviews with authors, editors, agents, illustrators, and other unicorns.


Left: Podcast Logo

Below: Site Banner

Animal Moms

Some samples for a potential project. 

The Mysterious Polaroid Project

Quilliam's Cactuses

Baking with Dad


Animal Cars

I LOVE drawing vehicles! I even illustrated a book about the trucks that build our roads! These spot illustrations--created just for fun--combine vehicles with my other favorite thing to draw--animals.