Happy Year of the Pony!

The Chinese New Year is upon us and this time around we are entering the auspicious Year of the Pony!* I like it when animals symbolize things and years are no exception. Ponies are among my top three favorite creatures of all time, so I'm feeling good about these next twelve months. Here are 22 ponies to kick off the festivities.    

My "Pile o' Ponies" print for Cuddlefish Press, just in time for the New Year.

My "Pile o' Ponies" print for Cuddlefish Press, just in time for the New Year.

Last summer one of my dreams came true, which was to have a snuggle session with an Icelandic Pony. In Iceland. Here we are, having a moment. IN ICELAND. ME AND AN ICELANDIC PONY.   

Happy New Year guys!


*Yes, I am aware that it's technically the Year of the Horse. But I prefer ponies. What's the difference between horses and ponies? Both are equines, but ponies are special; they're small, smart, cute equines. More specifically, ponies "are typically much stockier than their horse relatives. They also have thicker manes, tails, and coats, so are better able to endure cold weather. They have proportionally shorter legs, wider barrels (body of the pony that encloses the ribcage and all major internal organs), heavier bones, shorter and thicker necks, and short heads with broader foreheads. They also typically have calmer temperaments and a high level of equine intelligence which can be used to a human handler’s advantage." (Thanks, Terynn Bolton, for this timely bit of equine wisdom.)